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Sohom is a class nine student. He is worried for his chain smoker father's health. He steals his father's cigarette packet, sells it and gives the money to his poor friend. One day he got caught by his father.

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Genre : Fiction

Language : Bengali

Duration : 00:13:40

Production : Sujit Das

Director : Sujit Das

Story : Dilip Kumar Mistri

Cast : Abhijit Barua, Sagnil Dutta, Ritadrito Mallick, Deboshmita Majumder, Aranya Chakraborty, Partha Pratim Paul, Sudipta Dutta, Ananya Das, Partha Chakraborty

Music : Somnath Chakraborti

Cinematographer : Amit Das

Editor : Sujit Das

 Sound Design & Mixing: Studio Trackfield

Production Company: Dasmedia

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