Frequently Asked Questions

For Cine Lovers

1. How can I leave a review?

Reviews are only accessible after you have logged in

You can scroll on the movie page and choose the review tab to leave your review.

2. How to watch movies on eFilmZone?

Search for a movie or browse currently playing titles
On the movie page, click the 'Watch' button.
Log in/create an account if not done already
Read the terms carefully, accept the anti-piracy clause, and pay for the movie
Once your payment has been processed, Enjoy the movie! (don't forget to leave a review)

3. How many times can I watch a movie?

You can watch the movie unlimited times during the validity period. The validity period varies as per the movie duration. The validity periods are as follows:
Duration 10 min : 5 days validity
Duration 10 - 20 min : 7 days validity
Duration 20 - 40 min : 10 days validity
Duration 40 - 60 min : 14 days validity

4. Is there a monthly subscription fee?

No, at the moment we do not have any subscription fees. You pay for what you watch.

5. What payment methods are accepted? Are they secure?

We use Razorpay to process payments.
The payment processor offers top-notch security. eFilmZone does not store your payment information.
We accept all major debit and credit cards
We also support most major digital wallets and direct bank transfers.

6. I made a payment but I am being asked to pay again.

If your payment has been successfully processed you should have received a receipt via email.
If you have received the receipt and are still being asked to pay again, please contact us.

7. I made a payment but I am unable to play the movie.

If you have received the payment confirmation receipt and the movie is not playing, please try clearing your cache/cookies
Also, make sure your browser is compatible - we support Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
If that doesn't work, please contact us.

8. What is the refund model?

We have no refund policy

9. What browsers can I watch the movies on?

You can watch the movies on Google Chrome (recommended) and Firefox.
If you are on iOS you can also watch them on Safari.
Browsers like Internet Explorer, Ubrowser, Edge, etc are not compatible as they do not support our anti-piracy technology.

10. How can I cast from my phone/laptop to my TV?

You can use Chromecast (on Chrome browser) Or Screen Mirroring on iOS and AppleTV.

11. Is there an app available?

At the moment we do not have a dedicated app for eFilmZone, but we intend to release one soon.

For Film Makers

1. Help!?! I am still having trouble!

You can contact our support team via this link: contact support, or via
Whatsapp: 9748762007 (message only, calls will be declined)
Please provide the email you have used to log in to eFilmZone and send us any relevant screenshots, so the support team can get back to you ASAP.

2. I am a filmmaker, I want to contact eFilmZone about my movie.

Please submit your film to the curation team by clicking on the "Submit a Film" menu and filling up the form

3. How can I release my movie on eFilmZone?

You can submit your movie to the curation team by clicking on the "Submit a Film" menu and filling up the form.
You will receive a submission confirmation email.
The curation team will view your movie and notify you of their decision via email.
If you need to contact the curation team, please reply to the submission confirmation email you received

4. What kind of movies do you accept? Do you only accept movies from certain countries?

We accept movies from only India now. Your movie can be of any duration, genre, or language.

5. Do you pay acquisition costs?

No, we do not acquire movies. We help filmmaker release their films.
We work on a revenue share basis, so we only make money when you make money.

6. How do you set the price for a movie?

Filmmakers can set their own price (you can also release your movie for free)
However, eFilmZone offers a recommended pricing.
The recommended pricing are:
< 10 mins --------------------- Rs.25
10 - 20 mins ----------------- Rs.40
20 - 40 mins ----------------- Rs.50
40 - 60 mins ----------------- Rs.80
Kindly note: from the price specified by you, 70% will be your revenue and 30% will be our charges.

7. How do I see revenue reports?

Log in and go to Filmmaker's dashboard. There the reports are up-to-date.
To request a payout you can click the "Request pay-out" button from your dashboard.
Kindly note: the payment release date is between the 1st to 15th of every month.