Movie Closed On 24 Sep, 2023


Shohore Dylan is a thought of the combination of this Cosmopolitan city and the popular culture. Bob Dylan is the symbol or a bridge of that kind of pop culture and the city- "Calcutta". It is a participatory documentation of three strugglers discussing their own view of the city and the effect of western pop culture in their fields. It is not a biographical documentary of Bob Dylan, rather it is a tribute to the man who is the icon of the independent struggling artists all over the world. Dylan is a symbol of pop culture, independent art or craft and a representative of the artistic Utopia. In this discussions, the references of Kabir Suman, Mohiner ghoraguli, Arunendu Das and Anjan Dutt appeared spontaneously in the narrative. The perspective of "global Bengali" explored in a simple narrative style. Shohore Dylan is a symbolic presentation of the Cosmopolitan culture of the city and those who believe in this culture.

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Genre : Documentary

Language : Bengali

Duration : 00:18:00

Production : N/A

Director : Swastik Sarkar

Story : Swastik Sarkar

Cast : Ranadip Mitra, Souryadip Sanyal, Saptanil Chatterjee

Music : Swastik Sarkar

Cinematographer : Deepmallya Rakshit

Editor : Subham Mukherjee

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