Movie Closed On 24 Sep, 2023


Parsha Charitra - A bengali short film on the life of a side artist named Partha. Partha lives with his paralyzed father in a rented house. He loves his father very much and he can go to any extent to keep his father happy. Due to lockdown his life became hell. He did not get any work. He did not have money to pay the bills, rents, buy vegetables , buy the medicines for his father. Anu - A neighbour cum special person in Partha's life will extend her support to Partha during his toughest time. One fine morning Partha will get good news from one of his colleague that shooting is going to start very soon and he is going to get his dues. He became very excited and wanted to share this exciting news with his father. But then he realized that his father is no more.

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Genre : Short Film

Language : Bengali

Duration : 00:29:34

Production :

Director : Subhro Ghosal

Story : Subhro Ghosal

Cast : Sandip Dey , Sujoydipta Pathak , Sulagna Banik , Subhro Ghosal

Music : N/A

Cinematographer : Kaushik Mukherjee and Team

Editor : Subhro Ghosal

Singer : Subhankar Saha

Production Company : Catapult Production

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