Movie Closed On 24 Sep, 2023


The story revolves around Nandini, a lady with rare qualities of beauty with brains. She is engrossed in her own world singing a song of Tagore’s Raktakarabi to her friends over a video call. Her husband Raj is on the other hand a corporate guy trying to concentrate in his work from home mode in this lockdown phase. Their utopian world crumbles as they encounter four people respectively. First, the elder brother of Nandini who in turn of events is bound to sell fruits in his locality to feed the family member. Then they encounter Sabjiwala, Malati Masi’s son and finally Jahangir –da Housekeeper. Both realise they are helpless in front of this widely spreading pandemic driven situation. Will Nandini fight back? Do we see Raj to support her or not? What is the path ahead?

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Genre : Social Awareness

Language : Bengali (with Subtitles)

Duration : 00:09:38

Production :

Director : Ananya Bhanja Chaudhuri

Story : Ananya Bhanja Chaudhuri

Cast : Neel Bhattacharya, Amrita Mallick, Tathagata Chaudhuri, Bishnu Sharma, Sagnik Adhikary

Music : Naba Kumar Adhikary

Cinematographer : Team Member's Family

Editor : Sayantan Adhikary

Look Set : Sandip Jaiswal

Sound Design & Mixing : Sayantan Adhikary

Production Company : ABC Entertainment

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